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Sony VAIO PCG-K12 AC Adapter Charger, Power Supply Cord

Sony VAIO PCG-K12 AC Adapter Charger, Power Supply Cord
Top Micro ID# 19.5v-7.7a-6.0x4.4---37371
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Model Sony VAIO PCG-K12
Manufacturer Charger Plus
Technical Spec
Input AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Output 19V - 7.89A max
Power Output 150 watts max
Connector Plug
Type Round, center pin
Inner / Outer Diameter 6.0 x 4.4
Metal Tip Length 14 mm
Physical spec
Color Black
Weight 1.88 lbs.
Dimensions 6.79 x 3.19 x 1.84 in.
Outlet to Notebook 7.6 ft.
Adapter and Power Supply Cord Lifetime

The Sony VAIO PCG-K12 AC adapter features protection from voltage and current surges. It charges your laptop battery quickly when it is on/off through the durable AC-DC replacement adapter and works worldwide.

This Sony VAIO PCG-K12 charger and power cable replaces your genuine parts. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Output Voltage: Within 1V of the original output voltage. For example, a 19 battery charger is compatible with an 19.5 or 18.5 charger.

  2. Output Current: Amperage should be greater than or equal to the original Sony VAIO PCG-K12 power supply. Your laptop draws as many amps and watts as it needs. For example, your original 3.9 AC power adapter can be replaced with a 7.89 adapter.

  3. Connector Plug: Must fit securely within the laptop power jack.
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