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Tektronix Phaser 360 Color Laser Printer, Used

Tektronix Phaser 360 Color Laser Printer, Used
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TEKTRONIX PHASER 360 Color Laser Printer, Used

Laser printers revolutionized black-and-white printing, making graphics and desktop publishing possible. However, color laser printers on on the margins of photographic printing. Not only are their costs high, but their quality has not yet matched the very inexpensive ink-jet printers.

Tektronix Phaser 360 Color Printer is the first Adobe PostScript 3 color LASER printer.


Photographs printed on a color laser can be good and the best can rival the photo-realistic images created with dye sublimation printers. The toner is also fairly durable and it's less sensitive to fading from exposure to light than some other technologies.


The colors for laser printing are contained in four separate toner cartridges, one each for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. No special paper is required, but you can use different kinds to change the "look" of the print.

Transfer process:

Laser printers use a technology similar to that used in copiers. A laser beam is focused on a photoelectric belt or drum, creating an electrical charge in areas where toner is to adhere. Charged toner is then attracted to those places on the belt or drum. Electrostatic charges cause the toners to adhere to the belt. With black and white printers, this process happens once but with color printers it is repeated for the cyan, magenta, yellow and black components of the image. The image, composed of the four toner colors, is then transferred to a drum which rolls the toners onto the sheet of paper or transparency. The toners on the paper are then fused using either heat or a combination of heat and pressure.

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