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Epson LQ-850 LQ850 Dot Matrix Printer P88MA ESC-P2, used

Epson LQ-850 LQ850 Dot Matrix Printer P88MA ESC-P2, used
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Epson LQ-850 LQ850 Dot Matrix Printer P88MA ESC-P2, used, in working condition. SPECS

Where are the P-ROM and Character Generator ROM located on the main board of the LQ-850/950/1050?

The P-ROM is in location 9A. The Character Generator ROM is in location 6A. What size buffer does the LQ-850/950/1050 have?

6K bytes or 0K bytes. This is selectable by dip switch 1-8. What are the printing speeds?

The printing speeds are: Pitch Quality Characters/Second 10 Draft 220 10 LQ 73 12 Draft 264 12 LQ 88 What ribbons does the LQ-850/950/1050 take?

LQ-850 - Standard (#7753), Film (#7768) LQ-950 - Standard (#7767), Film (#7769) LQ-1050 - Standard (#7754), Film (#7770) Does the LQ-850/950/1050 support color?

No. What fonts are built into the LQ-850/950/1050?

* Draft * Roman(10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi) * Roman Proportional * Sans Serif(10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi) * Sans Serif Proportional

Are there any optional fonts available?

* Courier(10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi) - Font Module #7400A * Prestige(10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi) - Font Module #7401A * Script(10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi) - Font Module #7402A * OCRB(10cpi) - Font Module #7403A * Orator(10cpi) - Only Available with #7407 * Orator-S(10cpi) - Only Available with #7407 * Multi-Font Module* - Font Module #7407

* Multi-Font Module contains all the above listed fonts. It is available for the LQ-950 and LQ-850/1050 with the upgrade (LQ850/1050U). What type of paper feeds do they support?

* Friction * Built-in push feed tractor with paper tension unit * Single bin or dual bin Cut Sheet Feeder (optional) * Pull Tractor (optional)

What size envelopes can they print on?

Number 6 and number 10 envelopes. What are the paper thickness specifications for multi-part forms?

It will print on continuous multi-part carbonless forms, with one original and up to 3 copies. The maximum paper thickness should not exceed 0.0126 inches. If it comes with the built-in push feed tractor unit, why does it need an optional pull tractor?

When printing on multi-part forms, the optional pull tractor keeps the forms taut for more consistant paper feeding. How do I switch from parallel to serial in the printers?

The dip switches on the back of the printer determine which interface is being used.

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