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Iomega 100MB External Parallel Zip Drive, used, in good condition

Iomega 100MB External Parallel Zip Drive, used, in good condition

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Add zip to your PC! Fast - Unlimited capacity. Uses 100 MB Zip disks. Use it like your hard drive, save your files and run your software.

You're one of those on-the-go kind of people. Always rushing from office to home to health club to home to office to client's office to plane to kids' soccer practice...well, you know how it is. And the last thing a busy person such as yourself needs is some ball-and-chain computer holding you prisoner when you have places to go and soccer games to see. Well, the Zip(r) drive for parallel port can make your life easier. The parallel port Zip drive is the perfect portability solution. This plug-and-play drive connects quickly and easily to the external parallel port that's standard on virtually all PCs. And that means you can carry your work in handy 100MB chunks wherever you go.

In fact, to make that transition from office computer to home computer even smoother, we suggest buying the Zip Transport Kit so that you don't have to go fiddling about in the dusty back reaches of your desk whenever you want to zip with your Zip drive. One more thing: Remember to turn your computer off before disconnecting any peripherals. And, when you get to your next destination, connect the Zip drive before you turn that computer on.

Parallel port Zip drive is also a perfect solution for people who have to share lots of information. With our Guest utility, you can plug your Zip drive into any parallel port computer, do your work-and when you leave, you take all vestiges of your visit with you. Of course, now that there are over nine million Zip drives in use, moving information on Zip disks is easier than ever before.

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