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Realtek GTS H05U09S PCI Ethernet Card

Realtek GTS H05U09S PCI Ethernet Card
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REALTEK GTS H05U09S PCI Ethernet Card


·        100-pin PQFP

·        Pin-to-pin compatible with RTL8029as

·        16K byte SRAM built in

·        Compliance to PCI V2.1

·        Programmable PCI Vendor ID and Sub Vendor ID

·        PCI local bus single-chip Ethernet controller

·        Compliant to Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT

·        Supports Full-Duplex Ethernet function to double channel bandwidth

·        Support Flow Control(802.3x) to improve network performance in full- duplex mode

·        Supports three level power down modes:

·        Sleep

·        Power down with internal clock running clock

·        Power down with internal halted

·        Built-in data prefetch function to improve performance

·        Built-in 10BaseT transceiver

·        Provides auto-detect capability between integrated 10BaseT transceiver and Attachment Unit Interface (AUI)

·        Supports auto polarity correction for 10BaseT 

·        Supports Boot ROM function for PCI bus

·        Supports 8K, 16K and 32K Boot ROM size Use 9346 (64*16-bit EEPROM) to store resource configurations and ID parameters 

·        Capable of programming blank 9346 on board for manufacturing convenience

·        Support 4 diagnostic LED pins with programmable outputs



·        PCI NIC cards

·        Embedded systems such as set-top boxes 

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