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Bytecc BT-P2S Dual Ports Serial PCI Card

Bytecc BT-P2S Dual Ports Serial PCI Card
Top Micro ID# Bytecc BT-P2S~~~11037
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Support Serial Devices
Automated Teller machine, Bar-Code Reader, Digital Camera, Digitizing Tablet, External Modem, Finger Print Identification, Infra-Red Transceiver, ISDN T/A, Magnetic Card Reader, PDAs, POS Devices, Mul
* Up to 5 local bus address spaces and four chip selects
* Supports PCI IRQ sharing-saves valuable resources for other expansion card
* 32-bit PCI bus, PCI specification 2.1
* Support Re-mapping to Legacy Addresses
* Support more than one card into system
* Support Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/NT4.0/XP, Linux & DOS OS
* Built in 16C550 compatible UART with 16 byte transmit-receive FIFO
* Fast data rates up to 1 Mbytes/sec
* Able to support 16C650 (32 byte FIFO), 16C750 (64 byte FIFO), 16C850 (128 byte FIFO) com

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