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Bell & Howell 2592 Filmosound 16mm Projector, used, in working condition

Bell & Howell 2592 Filmosound 16mm Projector, used, in working condition

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* Power supply: Single phase AC 120V 60Hz * Protection: Internal via fuses and electronic controls * Shutter: 3-interruption * Reel capacity: 400 Ft.(200m) to 2000 Ft. (600m) * Film: 16mm optical sound films * Framing Control: Fixed axis, moves only film * Focus Control: Precision Rack and Pinion * Shuttle: Three-tooth Stellite * Film Guide Rails: Carbo-Nitrite Treated * Threading: Automatic (and manual if desired) * Loop Restorer: Automatic; Systems Restorer; Loop restorer synchronized with shutter * Projection Lamp: 24V 250W ELC Halogen Lamp with integral dichroic reflector. * Cooling System: Direct Drive Blow * Rewinding: High speed rewinding without changing over reels * Loop restorer: Automatic * Amplifier Type: Optical sound track. Plug-in all solid state with 20-Watt Output power - Turns on automatically - no warmup time needed * Speaker: Built-in 4" x 6" * Auxiliary Speaker: 1/4" phone jack provided for 8-Ohm auxiliary speaker with minimum total power of 20 Watts * Tone Control: Separate Bass and Trebble with approximately 10dB boost and cut * Forward Projection: Sound speed: 24 fps; Silent speed: 18 fps * Reverse Projection: 24 fps; 18 fps * Exiter Lamp: BAK 4V, 0.75 Amp ~ 300Hrs approx. life * Documentation: Operator Manual (PDF version) http://www.film-tech.com/warehouse/manuals/BH258525902592OPER.pdf * Additional Projection Capabilities: Still Picture Control; Directamotion feature; Directamotion is controlled by lever or remote control * Dimensions: 14" x 16" x 10" * Weight: 42 lbs (19.1 kg)

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