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Asus U20A AC Adapter, Power Supply Cable

Asus U20A AC Adapter, Power Supply Cable
Top Micro ID# 19v-2.1a-5.5x2.5---7653
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Just Explored
Replacement AC adapter for Asus U20A laptops, comes with power cord. The Asus model (19v, 2.1a, 40W) can be interchangeable with any Asus model requiring 40W or less, as long as the voltage matches. The AC adapter works globally, when you travel internationally.

  • Power your laptop and charge your battery at the same time.
  • When your laptop is off, the AC adapter will automatically charge your battery fully.
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection.
  • Power surge protection.
  • Durable case sealed for protection against moisture.

  • Is the AC Adapter Compatible With My Laptop?
    i) Voltage (volt) is within +/- 6% of your original AC adapter.
              If your old AC adapter provides 19V, then you can use a charger that provides 18.5V or 19.5V.
    ii) Current (amp) is the same or higher than your original AC adapter.
              If your original AC adapter provides 3.16 Amps, then you can use a charger that provides 3.16 Amps or above.
    iii) AC Adapter plugs into your laptop power jack firmly.
    You can contact us here if you need assistance.

    Technical Details
    Compatible Laptops:
    Asus U20A
    Made by:
    TopMicroUSA Charger
    Power In:
    AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
    Power Out:
    19v, 2.1a
    Total Output:
    40 Watts
    Plug Shape:
    Single Male Pin
    Plug Size (outside-inside):
    5.5mm/2.5--3406mm diameter
    Plug Length:
    11.2 mm
    0.8 lbs
    5.49 in x 2.24 in x 1.24 in
    Wall to Plug Tip:
    8.41 ft

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